Who is The Workroom?

Meet Carolin Gomulia

Carolin Gomulia is a seasoned strategist who has honed her skills in the government- and non-profit sectors. She launched the Workroom (www.theworkroom.biz ), a transformation and development agency, in 2018. She challenges conventional thinking and helps organisations to gain new insights and fresh perspectives. She has an in-depth understanding of resource mobilisation and fundraising. Her 15+ years of experience includes work with non-profits in South Africa, Namibia, Kenia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Germany, the UK and the US.

Carolin, who speaks fluent English, German and Spanish, holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies, and another in Development Management. She has also completed a Certificate Course in Business Analysis. She is deeply committed and passionate about social justice and transformation. Carolin is a German national with organic family links to Indonesia and resides for the past 16 years in South Africa.

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