Who is The Workroom?

About The Workroom

The core values of the Workroom are boldness and wonder.

Our work originates from a place of authenticity and integrity. We will strive to speak out and speak up even if our message contains difficult truths for the client. Furthermore, the content we produce, too, will speak truth to power, even if the findings are tough to digest.

The operating principles of the Workroom are as follows1:

  • Client focused – we listen, communicate and build working relationships with our clients to ensure transparency and inclusion.
  • The Workroom delivers on time and with high quality.
  • We operate with the principle of self-management using powerful and fluid systems of distributed authority and collective intelligence.
  • We believe in wholeness – clients, associates, and partners are invited to drop the masks, be authentic and bring all of who they are to the table.
  • The Workroom will, instead of trying to predict and control the future, listen and understand what the organisations we are working with are drawn to become, and where they naturally want to go.

[1] Some of the principles are based on and inspired by the book Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux

Meet Carolin Gomulia

Carolin Gomulia is a seasoned strategist who has honed her skills in the government- and non-profit sectors. She challenges conventional thinking and helps organisations to gain new insights and fresh perspectives. With a focus on creating positive change, Carolin is passionate about working with organisations to achieve their goals and make a meaningful impact. She has a proven track record for developing innovative strategies, rallying support, and mobilising resources. Whether it’s through fundraising efforts or strategic planning, Carolin is committed to driving success and helping organisations reach their full potential. With extensive experience across multiple continents, Carolin has developed a unique perspective and deep expertise that sets her apart as a strategic leader. Her 15+ years of experience includes work with non-profits in South Africa, Namibia, Kenia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Germany, the UK and the US. Carolin, who speaks fluent English, German and Spanish, holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies and another in Development Management. She is deeply committed and passionate about social justice and transformation. Carolin is a German national with organic family links to Indonesia and resides for the past 16 years in South Africa.


Linked to its principles and inspired by the book Reinventing Organizations, The Workroom aims to collaborate with others instead of employing people. The Workroom operates based on collaboration. We build project teams tailored for each client. The Workroom’s associates are all highly skilled, motivated and passionate about the clients and projects The Workroom is involved in.