The Workroom’s services

The Workroom approaches its projects with a transformative outlook. It is committed to the practice of co-creation and consultation. Organisations need to believe in the visions that they create. Integrity, innovation and impact are the Workroom’s key principles when working with clients.

Strategy development

For everyone

Your organisational strategy defines your purpose and long-term view of your organisation. Do you need to redefine your purpose? Do you need fresh ideas to give your organisation a new direction? Do you struggle to align your business operations with your strategy? Do you need someone to ask tough questions and challenge you? Let’s work together to make your organisation thrive, through:

  • Understanding your organisational purpose
  • Conducting a business and process analysis
  • Strategic planning & Strategy development
  • Managing change effectively
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Purposeful Communication
  • Effective stakeholder management

Fundraising & Resource mobilisation

For NGOs

Fundraising and resource mobilisation are vital for the successful running of NGOs. I offer a wide range of services to guide your organisation towards a sustainable future. These include:

  • Funding Strategy development
  • Donor mapping & prospecting
  • Donor engagement strategy
  • Proposal writing support and coordination
  • Fundraising office set-up, mentoring and training
  • Process and organizational development requirements for fundraising
  • Advisory to NGO Boards and Executive structures

Donor and philanthropy advisory

For donors and philanthropists

Donors and philanthropists play a vital part in changing the socioeconomic landscapes in many countries around the world. In recent times, they have become increasingly conscious of the roles that they can play in this regard. Yet, many are struggling to translate their vision into impactful change. As a donor or grantmaker, I can assist you in thinking about in innovative and transformative ways to ensure your investments will have a lasting impact by:

  • Measuring your footprint
  • Grant process and application design
  • Grantee selections
  • Strategy development towards transformative impact
  • Business process review
  • Concept and strategy development

Inclusivity, diversity and anti-bias

For everyone

Has your organisation grappled with questions of inclusivity, diversity and anti-bias? Are you aiming to transform your systems, structures and workforce to be inclusive? Do you actively seek to grow your knowledge and skills to manage diverse and inclusive organisations? Besides the commonly available business information, there is a lot more to know and understand about South Africa to thrive as a business. The Workroom will help you to address challenges and support your organisational journey to becoming inclusive, through:

  • Consultation and advisory on inclusivity, anti-bias and diversity
  • Workshop and process design to address issues on transformation, diversity and inclusion
  • Tailormade training and capacity building
  • Research and organisational assessments