A Transformation and
Development Agency

Fresh, creative, courageous,
and audacious thinking and practice.

The Workroom is a transformation and development consulting agency offering services to INGOs and NGOs concerning strategy development, resource mobilisation and sustainability, organisational development and training. Although inevitable in a fast-paced and ever-changing world, most organisations dread and, ultimately, postpone the changes that are critical to their sustainability. The Workroom wants to change this. The transformation and development agency seeks to insert wonder and possibility in the collaborative search, beyond the present, for a vision that makes organisations relevant and resilient. The Workroom’s approach pivots around fresh, creative, courageous, and audacious thinking and practice. The name describes what we stand for – we create, think up, turn things upside down, scrutinise, bring the best people together and roll up our sleeves to assist organisations to have a lasting positive impact on changing the lives of those they serve.

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Meet Carolin

Carolin Gomulia is a seasoned strategist who has honed her skills in the government- and non-profit sectors. She challenges conventional thinking and helps organisations to gain new insights and fresh perspectives. With a focus on creating positive change, Carolin is passionate about working with organisations to achieve their goals and make a meaningful impact. She has a proven track record for developing innovative strategies, rallying support, and mobilising resources.